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Internet Safety

Millions of people all over the world use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter  to  chat and message each other on line.

But how safe is it to share personal information like this and how can you protect your privacy?   Whether you are using a networking site, internet dating or just chatting on a forum, the chances are you are putting personal information into a vulnerable area.

Once it’s out there you may not be able to control what happens to it.

This poses an extremely high risk to your privacy or even your personal details

So before you create a profile, post a picture or tell the online world what you’ve been doing, think about how to make sure you’re safe online



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Isle of Wight

Identity Theft Rogue Trader

Introduction to a web site whose prime role is to provide a wide range of advice and solutions to local crime problems.

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There are examples of scammers ripping off vunerable elderly people by using schemes that make the vunerable sign up to scams over which they have no control!


By passing details as demanded, people are hooked into receiving goods which the value increase as time passes. Recent cases have made headline news where a figure higher than £50.000 were taken from accounts.

This  leaves people with dreadfull financial problems and adds to stress levels that could be disastereous for families.


Watch out for your elderly family or friends!


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Neighbourhood Watch is about looking out for each otherNeighbours uniting and acting together means that dozens of eyes and ears are ready to pick up on anything happening in the neighbourhood that could cause worry and concern, especially to the vunerable.

It’s about being a good neighbour and caring about your community. Neighbourhood Watches are an important link in the communication between residents and the local Police in the fight against crime.

What does Neighbourhood Watch scheme do? It’s up to you. Every Neighbourhood Watch Scheme is autonomous; each is administered and run by the people of the scheme. You and your neighbours come together to make your area a safe and pleasant place to live.

You decide what measures to take; because you know what your community needs best.  

Recently there have been several attempts to 'con' Elderly people out of their was 85 years of age! What a dispicable crime  perpertated on our vunerable residents?  IOWNW urges residents to be careful when answering their phones to strangers who then attempt to get them to part with sums of money...It may be a friend of yours !!